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SUSTAINABLE HRVEST SDN BHD specializes in using smart durian farming solutions with technology that helps farmers to achieve higher yields. These solutions improve productivity, increase income, and protect natural resources. We offer smart farming solutions that deliver data to a user-friendly dashboard. These solutions give farmers a full view of their assets and livestock and enable timely responses to alerts. The solutions also provide access to data from connected smart devices.


Our Expertise

IoT Consultation

Data Analysis

Design and Build Fertigation and Irrigation 

Preliminary Soil Analysis

Crop Specialist

Drone Mapping Services

Farm Management System

Community Farming


Practice Intelligent
and Natural Farming

Agriculture technology is well poised to solve the problems faced by farmers, which are expected to worsen with climate change.


Ventured in Farm Cloud Data


Years Experience Industrial Automation


Years Managing Electronic Products

One Stop Farming Solution

Get the hardware as well as the software bundled with the solution.

Efficiency Analysis

Get the real-time equipment efficiency and its current status.

Soil Moisture Management

Know the moisture level in crop through actuator triggered sprinkler system.

Professional Guide

We are knowledgeable and experienced to support you in durian farming.

Quality Control

The future of precision farming and results in high quality produce and healthy cattle.

Automated System

No worry about human resources, most of the work can be done with system.

with New Skill

We’re Committed to Preserving the Environment.

Managing farms using technologies like IoT, robotics, drones, and AI to increase the quantity and quality of products.


Get Knowing on Sustainable Hrvest

The 7th Malaysia international Agro Excellence Award
 23 Jan 2024

We are honoured to announce Sustainable Hrvest Sdn Bhd awarded "The 7th Malaysia international Agro Excellence Award" Internet of Things.

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LoRaWAN Live @ Tokyo 2023
 23 Jan 2024

Tan Han Wei, CTO for Sustainable Hrvest, discusses how LoRaWAN is the best IoT Connectivity for smart farming durian fruit.

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Ag-Tech Co. Captures Intelligence at Durian Plantations in Malaysia
 23 Jan 2024


Sustainable Hrvest is deploying its LoRaWAN IoT-based solution for Malaysian fruit farmers to manage
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Semtech’s LoRa® Chip-to-Cloud Platform Enables Sustainable Farming in Malaysia
 17 May 2023

Semtech’s LoRa devices and gateways utilizing LoRaWAN® help to improve farming practices, lower operational costs and increase crop

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Regaltech- Alibaba Cloud Cooperation Seeding Agritech Revolution with Smart Durian Farming
 13 Jan 2023

Durian orchard owner Leong Pui Sam (C) talks with Alex Ch'ng (L), general manager of Regaltech, and Derick Choe with Alibaba Cloud, next to the

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Seeding Agritech in Malaysia: Alibaba Cloud Powers Malaysian Smart Farming
 13 Jan 2023

This year's Boao Forum will focus on cooperation among Asian economies on various fronts.

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Smart farming is the key to a sustainable future.